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Welcome to the Ukrainian Media Business Academy

This is the place where training and retraining of media professionals into middle-level professional media managers happens. If your media organization lacks grant managers, HR personnel, advertising managers, communicators, etc., and no one responds to the vacancies, then it's time to take matters into your own hands.
It's simple — you search for a promising person within your organization, send them to UMBA courses, and within short periods of time (1-6 months, depending on the program and needs), we will turn them into a specialist that your media has been missing.

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Ukrainian Media Business Academy

goes beyond the traditional understanding of media, showing that it is not only a creative field but also a financially stable and sustainable business. The Academy occupies a unique niche in Ukraine's educational landscape, providing answers to the most pressing challenges of the media industry and filling critical gaps in professional training on non-media skills for media professionals.

Accessibility and Simplicity

Our programs are accessible to everyone who seeks to develop in media. We speak in simple language and make learning understandable and engaging.

Practical Focus

Media professionals need real skills. Hands-on experience and practice are better than beautiful words and dozens of repetitive theoretical lectures.

Adaptability to Change

The Ukrainian media landscape is rapidly evolving, and we understand that today's media professionals face unique

Individual Approach

We will assess your level of knowledge on a particular topic, listen to your needs and concerns, and offer individualized

Innovations and Dynamism

Our courses meet contemporary challenges. We respond to changes in the media world by offering you the freshest knowledge and innovative approaches.


Our programs are not just about learning; they are also about building a network of human connections. Here, everyone can find a partner and mentor.

We are a team of individuals who have a deep understanding of media

regarding financing, advertising, fundraising, communications, and more. We also recognize clearly that (almost) all the most valuable talents are nurtured within organizations, for example, a journalist transitioning into a communications manager or an accountant becoming a grant manager. We aim to streamline and make these transitions comfortable.
That is why we apply not only an educational approach but also utilize a management company method. Each participant receives an experienced expert in their field who will guide them throughout the course, making learning and requalification as seamless as possible.
Our goal is to educate and retrain media professionals into middle-level management within the media industry. As a result, we aim to transform Ukrainian media into a sustainable business with strong managers at its core.

Вадим Дідик
Grant Manager

Participants: 10

Duration: 3 months

Grant Manager in media

Current Courses


A Grant Manager is someone who seeks ways to finance media, writes project proposals, reports to donors, assists in project implementation, and has a good understanding of communications.
With this course, you will become a true junior/middle-level Grant Manager, ready to tackle today's challenges.

Looking for a way to elevate your media career to the next level?Our courses, developed by experienced professionals, will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary for success.


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