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Our organization is a place for creative transformation of ideas into action. We are a community of dedicated and inspired individuals who come together to change the world around us.

Public organization «Make Sense»

«Make Sense» is a public organization aimed at strengthening society using media, education, and civic engagement as tools to increase awareness, develop critical thinking, and encourage active participation in community life. We aspire to empower everyone to influence changes in society by being well-informed and educated.
Our mission: to support and develop a strong society ready to face today's challenges.
Our vision: to create an informed, active, and responsible society where every individual has access to quality information, modern education, and the opportunity to actively influence the development of the community and the state.




in the field of media literacy and journalism



which fight disinformation, russian narratives and fakes



has been produced by our team over the years



Sloviansk and Chernivtsi gladly welcome Ukrainian and foreign colleagues

Має Сенс Академія

Ukrainian Media Business Academy

Innovative educational platform where media professionals evolve into cutting-edge leaders of the media business. Ukrainian Media Business Academy (UMBA) goes beyond the traditional understanding of media, showing that it is not just a creative field but also a financially stable and sustainable business. Ukrainian Media Business Academy occupies a unique niche in Ukraine's educational landscape, providing answers to the most pressing challenges of the media industry and filling critical gaps in professional training on non-media skills for media professionals.

Accessibility and Simplicity

Our programs are accessible to everyone who seeks to develop in media. We speak in simple language and make learning understandable and engaging.

Practical Focus

Media professionals need real skills. Hands-on experience and practice are better than beautiful words and dozens of repetitive theoretical lectures.

Adaptability to Change

The Ukrainian media landscape is rapidly evolving, and we understand that today's media professionals face uniquechallenges.

Individual Approach

We will assess your level of knowledge on a particular topic, listen to your needs and concerns, and offer individualizedsolutions.

Innovations and Dynamism

Our courses meet contemporary challenges. We respond to changes in the media world by offering you the freshest knowledge and innovative approaches.


Our programs are not just about learning; they are also about building a network of human connections. Here, everyone can find a partner and mentor.

Валерій Гармаш

Welcome to UMBA

Here, we transform media professionals into cutting-edge leaders of the media business.

    Our mission: to show that media can be not only creative and independent but also a financially stable business.

With our support, you will learn to effectively manage media projects and achieve ambitious goals. Join us to unlock your potential in the world of media business.

Make Sense. Media

Our team is constantly working on providing timely independent information and support

The independent portal of the city of Sloviansk www.6262.com.ua started its work in September 2014, immediately after the aggression in Donbas, and continues to cover events in the city and the region.
On April 19, 2018, the Public Organization «Make Sense» was founded, which is engaged in the development of independent journalism and the establishment of partnership relations in communities.
In 2022, the media holding «Make Sense» started operating in western Ukraine and launched the independent portal 0372.ua - the site of the city of Chernivtsi.
The site covers current events in Chernivtsi, works with acute topics, including: internally displaced persons and their adaptation, people with disabilities, large families, servicemen and their relatives. We pay attention to media literacy of the population and create a tolerant media space among our audience.

Команда ГО Має Сенс, Сайт 6262.com.ua

Make Sense. Hub

We created two «Eastern Media Hub», which located in Slovyansk (Donetsk region) and in the city of Chernivtsi (Chernivtsi region) because of the fight against russian disinformation, narratives, and to counter fake news.


Our hub in Sloviansk is a workspace for national and foreign journalists who make some materials about East of Ukraine. International partners have the opportunity to improve the speed of publication of materials about the situation in Donbas, as well as increase their quantity. In our hub journalists can use video and photo equipment for shooting videos and creating photographs, recording podcasts, video editing, and podcast editing.



The Eastern Media Hub in Chernivtsi is a meeting place for national and international journalists, activists. Here we have online and offline meetings with our colleagues who are jourmalists from various cities in Ukraine and with international partners.
We report on the latest news from the East of Ukraine and work together to cover russian propaganda and disinformation.



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We are open to cooperation with journalists, photographers and ready to provide everything for the successful realization of your activities

/ㅤㅤ The sun of Ukraine rises in Donbas ㅤㅤ/

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