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The Idea of foundation

For over 9 years, our team at the NGO «Makes Sense» has been working in the conditions of military conflict and creating unique content - objective and professional news, frontline reports, videos and photos, multimedia reports, investigations, podcasts.

We understand better than anyone that today, amidst the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine and the information war, it is important to receive verified information from the scene. We do everything possible to ensure that as many of our colleagues from Ukraine and around the world, as well as readers, can get truthful facts.

NGO «Makes sense» has created two Hubs of Eastern Journalism which are named "Eastern Media Hub”. There are located in in Sloviansk (Donetsk region) and in the city of Chernivtsi (Chernivtsi region). We created them because of the fight against disinformation, Russian narratives, and to counter fake information.


The Sloviansk hub was established on January 1, 2022. On February 19, 2022 an event was held where all independent media from Eastern Ukraine gathered.
The Sloviansk hub is a workplace for national and foreign journalists who make news and materials in Eastern of Ukraine. International partners have the opportunity to improve the speed of publication of materials about the situation in Donbas, as well as increase their quantity. 
In the hub every journalist can use video and photo equipment for shooting videos and creating photographs, recording podcasts, video editing, and podcast production.


Our main task is to increase the volume of verified and truthful information in the media space, social networks, to fight against fakes, and to explain comprehensively to people how to act in emergency situations, including during war.



The Eastern Media Hub in Chernivtsi is a meeting place for national and international journalists, public figures. We conduct online and offline events with journalist colleagues from various cities of Ukraine, also with international partners report on the latest news from Eastern Ukraine, and work together against Russian propaganda and disinformation.

Both hubs have everything you need to feel comfortable and not be distracted from work:
● a large workspace;● internet;● equipment for quick editing and timely publication of ● materials;● equipped workstations;


Chernivtsi has become a relocation city for part of the editorial staff.
Today the Eastern Media Hubs are located in two cities: Sloviansk and Chernivtsi. Sloviansk was liberated from russian militants in 2014. It is a positive example of the return of Ukrainian authorities to the territory.

This project has helped the world media learn more about events in Eastern of Ukraine during the war, collectively fight against fakes and disinformation and refute them.

Contact us

If you want to use equipment, work with video and photos, record podcasts, and hold meetings you can do it right now at our Hubs in Chernivtsi and Sloviansk.
We look forward to seeing you at our hubs!


Sloviansk: Bankivska Street, 56Chernivtsi: Kokhanovskoho Street, 2


+38 (050) 426 26 24ogn.esnes%40buh

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