About us

A place where ideas turn into reality!

Public organization«Make Sense»

Our mission

«Make Sense» aims to strengthen society by using media, education, and civic activism as tools to raise awareness, develop critical thinking, and encourage active participation in public life.
We strive to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to influence change in the community by being well informed and educated. Our mission is to support and develop a strong society ready for today's challenges.


Our vision

To create an informed, active and responsible society where every person has access to quality information, modern education and the opportunity to actively influence the development of the community and the state.
We strive to be a catalyst for positive changes, supporting the development of media literacy, stimulating public activism and promoting the implementation of innovative educational approaches.


Our goal

A society where information serves to strengthen democracy, education opens up new opportunities for everyone, and public activism is an integral part of citizens' lives.

Everyone in our organization is guided by these values:

Openness and transparency

Striving for an open dialogue with the public, transparency of decision-making and availability of all information


Being responsible for the content we create and distribute, with a focus on authenticity andobjectivity


Constant search for new ideas, approaches and technologies to achieve our goals and mission. And their introduction into education and media

Cooperation and partnership

Developing strategic partnerships with other organizations, businesses and the public to jointly achieve change

Social responsibility

Commitment to make a positive impact on society, promoting education and cultural development


Ensuring equal access to information and educational resources for all segments of the population without exception

Our team

Get to know us better

We are a group of creative professionals who strive to bring their vision of the universe to life


Taisiia Garmash

Head of «Make Sense»

Taisiia is responsible for the work of the organization, including team management, coordination of the work of various areas and fundraising


Valerii Garmash

Head of UMBA

Valerii is responsible for the operation of the academy, including the development and implementation of training programs, the recruitment of teachers, as well as ensuring the success of the academy


Oleksandra Pylypenko

Director of the media department

Oleksandra is responsible for planning, developing and implementing a media strategy that leads to the achievement of the company's marketing goals


Ihor Isychenko

Marketing director

Ihor is responsible for the development and implementation of marketing strategies that lead to the growth of brand recognition and audience loyalty


Kateryna Bendryk

Chief accountant

Kateryna keeps records of the financial and economic activities of the organization, collects and processes data on all financial transactions, prepares accounting reports


Lidia Khaustova

Chief editor of the 6262 site

Lidia is responsible for site content planning and quality control, implementation of new projects, manages journalists and otherspecialists


Victoria Poverzhuk

Chief editor of the 0372 site

Victoria develops a publication plan, monitors the relevance and quality of content, manages journalists and other specialists, coordinates their work


Anna Sotska

Сommunication Manager «Make Sense»

Anna is responsible for establishing and maintaining communication with various target audiences, such as clients, partners, media, public


Anastasiia Moroz

Project manager UMBA

Anastasiia is responsible for the planning, organization, control and completion of Academy projects. She defines the goals of the project, the stages of its implementation and the deadlines


Mariia Bondarashek

Journalist of the 0372 site

Mariia is responsible for creating and publishing news, articles, interviews and other materials on the website. Interacts with other participants teams


Viktoriia Tarasova

Journalist of the 6262 site

Victoriia creates and publishes news, articles, interviews, press releases and other materials on the website. Interacts with other participants teams


Valeriia Akhmedova

Content manager

Valeriia is responsible for creating texts, placing materials in the directory, communicating with customers and team members


Yehor Ratushniuk

Make Sense sales manager

Yehor is responsible for concluding agreements and maintaining long-term relationships with existing clients, selling advertising and finding new clients

Key areas of our work

We create new opportunities and become part of the driving force of progress